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ES-Elegance Star Unity Candle with Color

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ES-unity candle with color
ES-Elegance Star Unity Candle
3.00 LBS
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  • Elegance Star Unity Candle with Color
  • Elegance Star Unity Candle Solid White
  • Elegance Star Unity Candle with Color
  • Elegance Star Unity Candle Solid White


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Elegance Star Candle with color.
Item # ES with color      $60.00
Hand-carved Unity Candle stands 9.5” tall. Interlocking curls and twists encircle this candle.
At the center of each bow is a delicate pearl or crystal accent.
Each matching carved candle stick features pearl or crystal accents.
This sculpted candle will just burn down the center, leaving the outside unblemished.
Replaceable Center tealight can be added for just $5.00
Dimensions – 9.5” tall, 3.5” wide base.
This is truely a unique wedding unity candle!
Matching Candlesticks are $18.50 for a set of two. Candle sticks measure approx. 12”.
Choose either white or ivory for a base color. Candle can be a solid color of white or ivory or: you can add color to your candle.
If you need your candle quickly (before 3 weeks) use express service and $10.00 will be added to your total.
Color choices, which can be either a thin color stripe, or full color stripe.
Pastel Pink
Pastel Light Yellow
Pastel Peach
Pastel Baby Blue
Pastel Light Teal
Pastel Pale Green
Pastel Lavender
Medium Red
Medium Pink
Medium Orange
Medium Yellow
Medium Green
Medium Teal
Medium Blue
Medium Purple
Medium Gray
Dark Burgundy
Dark Fuchsia
Dark Brown
Dark Marigold
Dark Forest Green
Dark Navy Blue
Dark Teal
Dark Purple
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