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Special Occasion Candles

Personalized Special Occasion Candles

Glass Etching Fever offers candles for special occasions such as baptisms, remembrance of a loved one, and even Christmas countdown candles.

Or maybe it is a birthday candle you need? Purchase one of our unique countdown candles, or a sweet 16 birthday candle.

What a special way to celebrate a baptism or christening. Personalized candles help us remember that special event.

Quite a few of our candles can be personalized with your child’s name, and birth date right on the candle. A decal is used and infused onto the candle.

If your prefer just a birthday countdown candle and choose not to personalize it, that is fine as well.

Our new Christmas Countdown candle is a great way for the whole family to countdown the days to Christmas.  12 inch taper candle comes with attractive glass holder that can be used year round.

We also offer personalized wedding unity candles for that very special event! You have a choice when choosing a wedding candle. We offer both pillar unity candles and also hand carved unity candles. Most of our unity candles have matching tapers to complete your set.

Every order is a custom order and usually takes 2-3 weeks to be shipped.

One of the most commonly asked questions of our candles has been "They're so beautiful, why would anyone burn them?" and we are pleased to explain that our candles can be burned safely... and then refilled! Simply follow the simple instructions that are included with each candle, you can burn your candles safely and watch as they burn directly down the center-- leaving the outer carvings untouched. With some of the candles, the candles then light up and glow through the carvings, cutouts, and designs. The candles can then be "refilled" with an ordinary tea-lite or a small votive candle. In this way, your candle can be burned repeatedly and will last indefinitely. For those who would like the option, we can drill out the area around the wick to an appropriate size for either a tea-lite candle.

Celebrate that Perfect event with a candle that helps everyone remember that special occasion!