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New!  Fine Awards with free personalization  Flair with Ebony Diamond  Floor Clocks  flute glasses  Free Engraving on all awards!  Galileo Wood Thermometer  Gavin Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks  GEF10SC  Give a new look to your award ceremony  glass awards  Glass Circle Award  Glass Decanter  Glass Flutes with Crystal Accents  Glass Ice Bucket  glass vase  Golf Ball Award  Gorgeous Award  Gorgeous Recognition Award  Gorgeous Sail Award  Graham Bracket  Grandfather Clocks  Great Achievement Award  Great Appreciation Award  Great Award for a Job Well Done  Great Award for a Sailor  Great Corporate Award  Great Crystal Award  Great Desk Award  Great Employee Recognition Award  Great Father's Day Gift  Great Firefighter's Award  Great Firefighters Award  Great Group Gift  Great Judge's Gift  Great Leadership Award  Great Military Award  Great Performance Award  Great Prices on these Crescent Glass Awards  Great Service Award for Job Well Done  Great Service Award for Military  Great Starphire Awards  Great Teacher's Award  Greene Howard Miller Floor Clock  Hadley  hand carved unity candles  Howard Miller Wall Clock  Howard Miller Wall Clocks  Howard Miller arched tabletop clock  Howard Miller Arendal Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Athens Desk Clocks  Howard Miller Braden Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Brittany Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Bryson Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Calhoun Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Clocks  Howard Miller Cosmopolitan Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Desk Clocks  Howard Miller Diana Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Engels Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Floor Clock  Howard Miller Floor Clocks  Howard Miller Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks  Howard Miller Keywound Mantle Clocks  Howard Miller Layton Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Lisbon Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Mantle Clocks  Howard Miller Newman Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Parnell Desk Clock  Howard Miller Parson Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Portrait Book  Howard Miller Princeton Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Ramsey Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Reminisce Clocks  Howard Miller Reminisce Desk Clock  Howard Miller Robertson Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Robinson Grandfather Clocks  Howard Miller Schultz Floor Clock  Howard Miller Seville Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Table Clock  Howard Miller Tabletop Clocks  Howard Miller Tamarack Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Timber Creek Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Trieste Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Urban II Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Wall Clocks  Howard Miller Wellington Grandfather Clock  Howard Miller Wood Clocks  Hygrometer Clocks  ice bucket  imagery award  Indra Crystal Award  Interchange Crystal Award  Jennelle Howard Miller Wall Clock  Jonathan Howard Miller Floor Clocks  Joseph Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks  Keepsake Ornament  keepsakes  Key Wound Floor Clocks  keywound clocks  Keywound Floor Clocks  Keywound Mantle Clocks  Kleopatra Red Wine Glass  La Rochelle Howard Miller Grandfather Clock  Lambent Flame Award  Lancaster Howard Miller Wall Clock  Langston Howard Miller Grandfather Clock  Lattice and Daisy Unity Candle Set  Laurel Desk Clock  Lawyer II Howard Miller Wall Clock  Le Francais Howard Miller Grandfather Clock  Lewis Howard Miller Wall Clock  Lynton  Magma Crystal Vase  Mantle Clocks  Mason  Mayola Wine Glass  mililtary flag cases  military cases  MILITARY FLAG BOXES  Monroe Desk Clock  Moyola Wine Glasses  New Color for this award!  New Haven Howard Miller Wall Clock  Newley  Nice Educational Award for that Special Educator!  Nice Firefighters Award  Nice Selection of Nameplates  Nice Service Award  Nice Size Coffee Mug  Nice Wedding Glasses for that Special Toast  Noble Diamond Award  Nottingham Howard Miller Floor Clocks  octagon box  One of most popular awards  Optic Crystal Atlantic Award  Optic Crystal Pacific Award  Orbit Crystal Vase  Ornament with Photo sublimated  Palmer  Parent Gifts  parents gifts  Peak Award  Pearl Unity Wedding Candle Set  Pearl Wedding Unity Candle  Perfect Wedding Picture Frame for Parents  personalied anniversary gifts  Personalize this beautiful vase to make the event memorable!  personalized attendants gifts  personalized awards  personalized crystal gifts  Personalized Crystal Vases  personalized engraved photo frames  personalized engraved vases  personalized Frames  Personalized Ice Bucket  Personalized Mouse Pad  Personalized mug  PERSONALIZED PHOTO FRAMES  Personalized Picture Frames for a great corporate gift or sport award.  Personalized Picture Frames for Parents. Great Wedding Gifts.  Personalized Picture Frames for that Special Anniversary Gift  Personalized Picture Frames for the Bride & Groom  Personalized Picture Frames for your bridesmaids.  Personalized Picture Frames for Your New Spouse  Personalized Recognition Awards  PERSONALIZED THANK YOU WEDDING PARENT GIFTS  personalized vases  PERSONALIZED WEDDING GIFTS FOR PARENTS  Picture Clocks  Picture Frames  Picture Frmaes  Pint Size Personalized Mugs  Portrait Book  Presentation that makes a statement!  Quinceinera 15th Birthday Candle  Rainbow colored crystal paperweights  recognition awards  Rectangle Crystal Paperweight  Regal Elegance Toasting Glasses  Roland Howard Miller Desk Clock  Rosewood Desk Clocks  Samuel Watson  Sandringham Howard Miller Wall Clock  Scarborough Howard Miller Floor Clock  Schultz floor clock  schultz grandfather clocks  service awards  Short on Height  Slant Edge Rectangle Paperweight  SO4  special 15th birthday candle  Square Glass Vase  Stevenson Howard Miller Wall Clock  Stewart Howard Miller Floor Clocks  Sublimated Photos  Sublimated Photos on Aluminum  Summit Award makes a great Service Award  Super Groove Obelisk  Surely a Stately Award  Teamwork Award 2 Men  thermometer clocks  These glasses are nice and large for a great toast!  These Starphire Awards are heavy! Gorgeous!  things remembered  This Award Makes a Nice Employee Recognition Award  This Breeze Award is Engraved with the stars  This Crown Jewel Makes a Big Statement!  This Crystal Award is Gorgeous!!  This Crystal Blue Rising Diamond Really Makes a Statement to show your appreciation!Blue Diamond on   This Crystal Blue Rising Diamond Really Makes a Statement to show your appreciation!Blue Diamond on  This is a short but beautiful world award  This is a unique leadership award  Tompion  Unique Crystal Award  unique wedding candles  unity candles  Valentine's Day Gift  veteran flag boxes  veteran flag cases  Vetri Optic Award  wall clocks  Webster  wedding gift  Wedding Gifts  wedding unity candle  Westmont Howard Miller Wall Clock  Windermere Global Bowl  Wine Decanter  wine glasses  Wood Desk Clock  Wood Desk Clocks  World Globe with Tapered Column Base  Worthington  Zenith Award-Linear