Personalized Anniversary Verses


Verse 7-1

~ Couples Names ~
Celebrating a Special Love of 25 Years
(anniversary date)

 Anniversaries are celebrations, oh yes indeed,
For those special marriages that do succeed.
For twenty five years you have shared your lives,
With caring and kindness, keeping romance alive.
A love with a silver lining you do obtain,
Because love in your hearts still does remain.
You have shared many good times over the years,
With joy and laughter, and even some tears.
We surely know, there is no doubt,
The two of you know what forever is all about.
The way that you smile at each other,
Shows a loving bond like no other.
You made dreams and miracles all come true,
You’re living proof, just look at you.
You both have found a treasure in life,
You are a wonderful couple, husband and wife.

       (Love, Your names)     
  Jan Endres


 Verse 7-2

 ~ Couples Names ~

  As You Celebrate Fifty Golden Years of Marital Bliss
(Anniversary Date)
Fifty golden years of marital bliss,
A warm embrace, a gentle kiss.
A tender moment, a loving touch,
Are special memories, that mean so much.

 Together you believed, together you prayed,
Together you played, together you stayed.
A love like yours doesn’t happen every day,
You’ve weathered the seasons, and made your way.
You have made your house into a home,
One where love stayed, and did not roam.
You never knew how much your love would grow,
When you exchanged wedding bands, fifty years ago.

 No amount of silver or gold ever replaces,
The love in your eyes, and the smiles on your faces.
So hold on tight to the riches you have found,
A marriage made in heaven, forever bound.  

(Love, Your  Names)

  © Jan Endres


   Verse 7-3

 Happy Anniversary (Name)

 When we are together, days and months seem to fly,
It's hard to believe that another year has gone by.
Being your partner brings me such joy each day,
You fulfill my hopes and dreams as we go on our way.
I am so thankful that we fell in love,
I believe that we are blessed from Heaven above.
We make a good team, a happy pair,
This one life we live, this one life we share.

(Number of years) years ago when we said I do,
I promised to always cherish and to always love you.
That promise I made still stands true today,
For I love you so much, I so proudly say.
Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life!
(your name)
(anniversary date)

 Jan Endres

 Verse 7-4

Happy Anniversary Honey

Our years together have been a few,
I can't imagine my life without you.
You make my days and nights complete,
You are so kind and caring, and ever so sweet.
Happiness and joy you have given to me,
Now life is better that I thought that it could be.
Memories together, we have certainly made some,
And the best of our lives is yet to come.

You are my lover, my partner, my best friend,
My love for you honey, will never end.
My life with you has been enjoyable and fun,
Since the day the two of us...became one.

With All My Love,
(your name)
(anniversary date) 


© Jan Endres  

   Verse 7-5

 Happy Anniversary (name)

A love like ours doesn't happen every day,
The love that is in my heart is here to stay.
Each day I give to you all that I can,
You are a wonderful person, I am your biggest fan.
The touch of your hand, the smile on your face,
A tender kiss, a gentle embrace,
A tender moment, a loving touch,
We've made some special memories that mean so much.
Together we have believed, together we have prayed,
Together we have played, together we have stayed.
We have weathered the seasons and made our way,
And a happy marriage we enjoy each and every day.

You are my partner, my lover, my best friend,
My love for you darling will never end.
I cherish the love that we share,
I'm so happy we married and became a pair.

(your name)
(anniversary date)


                                                                                                  © Jan Endres