Personalized Remembrance Verses

Verse 11-1          Dear Loved One

Dear Loved One
I miss you so.
People say time will ease the pain,
I hope so, for it goes so slow.
Who could ever imagine my life could change so much.
I miss your smile, your loving touch.
Most of the days I wear a frown,
My whole world is turned upside down.
There is such an emptiness now, I never knew before,
A loneliness that doesn’t go away, I do deplore.
If only the hands of time, could be turned back some way,
To a year ago, a week ago, or even yesterday.
Each day I must remind myself,
Of how glorious it was for you,
When Jesus took you by the hand and took you home,
One with peace and beauty too.
As for me, my life must go on,
I will have to find a new start.
Trying to rebuild my life, now that we are apart.
I miss your laughter, your smiles, our quiet times together.
But your memory will embrace my heart, now and forever.


© Jan Endres


 Verse 11-2          Loss Of An Angel

Precious One, we miss you so,
Now, we will never see you grow.
We miss that smile on our tiny face,
and your little body, we did embrace.
We miss holding you in our arms each day,
Believing you are in Heaven, we do pray.
The magic in your little hands and little feet,
Leave us with special memories, oh so sweet.
Our hearts feels so sad and empty now,
If only we could go back in time, somehow.
How blessed we were, when you were here,
You filled our lives with joy and cheer.
The gift of life, we gave to you,
Your days on earth were far too few.
Today, we live our lives a different way,
But our love is still with you, every day.

© Jan Endres


Verse 11-3                                      Heavenward

On the wings of Angels, I did soar,
Now in Heaven with Jesus, forevermore.
As I slept in the arms of angels that day,
They carried me gently and swiftly on my way.
To a new home, full of love and grace,
One with eternal peace, such a beautiful place.
I still see the clouds, I still see the sun,
Now I enjoy them with the Holy One.
I sleep so peacefully, no troubles I endure,
I see only beauty and glory, to be sure.
My friends now are angels, all around,
Since the day I left you, Heaven bound.

©  Jan Endres


Verse 11-4                                     Angel In Flight . . .

Your time on earth, had really just begun,
But now you are an angel, such a lovely one.
You made us laugh, you made us smile,
Always willing to help, just your style.
An imprint on our hearts, you did make,
Now missing you so much, our hearts do ache.
To have you in our lives, we were so blessed,
Keeping our faith, now as we lay you to rest.
Your family and friends, all miss you so,
Sweet memories of you, we do bestow.
The void in our lives, will always remain,
Though now, the gates of Heaven you do attain.
We will pray each day, with all our might,
. . . Being comforted,
. . .  And just believing that,
You are an Angel In Flight . . .

© Jan Endres


Verse 11-6                             Grandma You Were An Angel 

Grandma, you were an angel here on earth,
We've known that since our day of birth.
You always had that twinkle in your eye,
And a heart full of love, that money could not buy.
There was gentle wisdom in the advice that you would give,
Guiding us in the way that we should live.
You softly spoke in a caring way,
That taught us to listen closely, every day.
Whether giving us a hug or holding our hand,
Grandma, we never doubted just where you would stand.
You gave your love so openly and so free,
We both knew it was okay to “just be me.”
So grandma, you were an angel here on earth,
We love you so much, we realized your worth.
Your heart full of love, your caring ways,
You brightened our lives as the sun does it's rays. 

Love, (Your Name)


                   © Jan Endres