Personalized Verses for Cancer Survivors

Verse 13-1

 . . . I Am

 The circle of life comes in many a phase,
The ups and downs, much like a maze.
Cancer . . . an awful sounding word,
Now a journal I keep, so my story can be heard
The author . . . I am

 The lion in me roars with all it’s might,
But the lamb in me, ultimately accepts the plight.
The boxer wears gloves into the ring,
I have no gloves, but come out with a swing
Who is the fighter . . . I am

 Doctors and nurses, so many I see,
Some stormy days ahead of me
Hospital corridors, lots of rooms, many a door
Who sits in the chair waiting, as my heart goes to war
. . . I am

 The agony of chemo I did endure,
Now radiation cleanses my body to be pure
Who is the survivor
. . . I am

In this chapter of my life, I was dealt a big hand,
But my courage and strength, tall shall I stand.
Sleepless nights, tears on my pillow,
Endurance I must have, for surely you know
Who is strong . . . I am

 My family and friends keep my life so full,
And who is so thankful . . . I am

(Closing of your choice)

(Your Name)



© Jan Endres