Personalized Verses for Children

Verse 10-1 The Second Her Tiny Hand 

 The Second Her Tiny Hand
Grasps Your Finger . . .
You’re Wrapped Around Hers.

 Happy Father’s Day, (Name)

You Are A Great Father!

(child's name)

Verse 10-2

( Child’s Name )

Tiny little hands, tiny little toes.
Full rosy cheeks & a little button nose.
Tiny little voice, tiny little cries,
Looks full of wonder
from your dark blue baby eyes.
Tiny little expressions, tiny little coo.
All fill our days with joy
and our hearts full of love for you.

Birthday and time born

Weight and length

  Child’s  Footprints

Verse 10-3

Dear Little One . . .

May your little footsteps set you upon
a lifetime journey of love.
May you wake each day with His blessings
and sleep each night in His care.
And as you grow older, may you
always walk in His tender love.

Child’s Name

Birth date or baptism date

 Child’s Footprints

Verse 10-4

~ Walk A Little Slower Daddy ~

 “Walk a little slower Daddy”
said a child so small. “I’m following
in your footsteps and I don’t want to fall.
I need your example to see how rich & full life can be,
So walk a little slower Daddy, for you are leading me.
Each and every day I watch and see,
Just what you do and just what you say,
so I know the example that you show to me
Is the same person that you will want me to be.
The examples that you teach me will guide my way,
As I try to grow up and
become the person you are today.
Then when I have a child who’ll want to follow me;
I will know just what to teach them,
The same that you taught to me.
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
You are all I have to see.”

 Love, (child’s name)


Verse 10-5

To My Adopted Child, (name)

 Although we may not have given you birth,
At first sight, we knew your worth.
Though there were many to choose from,
You, my dear, were our chosen one.
We love to see your smiling face,
Our arms around you, we will embrace.
We share with you, your hopes and dreams,
Relishing the moments when your face gleams.
Each day we watch you mature and grow,
And soon out into the world you will go.
Spread your wings, fly like a dove,
Knowing that you have our unending love.

With All Our Love,
(Your Names)

 ©  Jan Endres

Verse 10-6       In the Beginning . . .

 Our little one, what a beautiful sight,
To see this first glimpse of you, such a delight.
So tiny, so fragile, yet growing each day,
Soon you’ll enter this world, God bless that special day.
We are so busy preparing for the date you are due,
We love you already, we cannot wait to hold you.
We promise to love you more each day,
We will help you to grow strong and learn how to play.

 Our dreams will soon become a reality that is true,
We anxiously await . . .
the arrival of “YOU.”

 © Jan Endres

(This is a great verse to have framed.
Perhaps with your child's first picture while in mother's womb!


 Verse 10-7     In the World of a Child

(Child's name)

In the world of a child,
There are hugs and kisses,
Many dreams and dozens of wishes.
In the world of a child,
There are lullabies galore,
Poems and stories, and old folklore.
In the world of a child,
There are blankets and rocking chairs,
Little dolls and cuddly teddy bears.
In the world of a child,
There are 10 little fingers and 10 little toes,
And long curly hair with beautiful bows.
In the world of a child,
There are giggles and laughter,
That will remain in our hearts forever after.

With Our Love,


©  Jan Endres