Framed Gift For Spouse

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Product # V101  On This Day Gift for Husband   $54.00

A You and Me Gift!


Surprise your new spouse with a gift expressing your feelings on your Wedding Day.

A Special Gift you can hang on your wall!

Outside dimensions are 9 3/4" Wide x 12 1/2" tall

All are framed in a White frame.

Both Have the You and Me Design at the bottom.

Each Verse is made as shown on the pictures.


Choose from:

Item #427- V101     On this day

Item # 428-V102     Between You and Me


                                                           Verse: V101                 On this Day


(Husband's Name)
(Wedding date)
On this day when we say “I do,”
I give my heart to only you.
But I give to you so much more,
I give you my life, forevermore.
I give to you, honor and respect,
Our faith together, we will reflect.
Happiness and joy to my life you bring,
Our unity with one another, is bonded with this ring.
My heart sings out with your gentle touch,
Only because I love you so very much.
Our lives will be like a dance we share,
Togetherness forever, is what we will wear.
Each and every day, I’ll give you all that I can,
Only because you deserve it, you are a wonderful man.
Our faith in God, and in each other,
Will make our love grow for one another.
In our home, yours and mine,
Our two lives will intertwine.
Peace and harmony will be our lives,
How proud I am to be your wife.
With All My Love,
(Your Name) 

                                                                                                                                                     © 2000 Jan Endres



                                                             Verse V-102  Between You and Me

You are always there in time of need,
Ready to help with any deed.
Always willing to give a helping hand
By my side, you always stand.
You help to ease the pain I bear,
With the gentle hugs that we share.
Your honesty and trust brightly shine through,
How fortunate I am, to have found a friend in you.

With Love,
(Your Name)

                                                                                                © 1997 Jan Endres