Personalized Verse in Curved Photo Frame

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Gifts for Bride & Groom - Wedding Day Gifts

Great Wedding Gift Idea!

A Beautiful Personalized Verse etched into a silver picture frame, makes the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom on their wedding day.
Etched keepsake verses that will melt their hearts. 

Free Custom Etching, which includes,  Free Personalization and Free Set-ups. Free Color Fill for your text, if desired.

This personalized 5" x 7"  silver picture frame stands on it's own on a table, desktop or mantle. Photo frame is on the left and room for etching the verse on the right side of the glass. 

Price includes the etching of all text. 

For questions email:  or give us a call at 651-437-6800

Excellent Bride & Groom Wedding Gifts.
Personalized Verses for the Wedding Couple on their Wedding Day.
With Free engraving!




Verse 1-1

(Bride & Groom's Names)

. . . As you begin your new life together,
As man and wife, now and forever . . .
Dedicate your lives to but one goal,
In body, in heart, in mind and in soul.
To make your marriage the best that it can be,
To honor each other until eternity.
Feel each other’s sorrow, feel each other’s pain,
Then a deeper bond, the two of you will gain.
The words you speak, the touch you give,
Will be the essence of the life that you will live.
Listen to each other with ears and heart,
Attentive and caring never to part.
Always give your spouse the benefit of the doubt,
For that is what trust and respect are all about.
Forgiveness and understanding go hand in hand,
Then you’ll surely know love has taken a stand.
Be gentle and loving each and every day,
Remembering your faith along the way.
As you begin your new life, as man and wife.
Best Wishes,
(Your names)
(Wedding Date)

                                                              © 1998 Jan Endres


Verse 1-2   As You Do Wed

(couple’s names)

 On this day, as you do wed,
(wedding date)
 You begin your lives, as a single thread.
 Together you will sew your hopes and dreams,
 Building your lives, by fruitful means.
 Together you will work, together you will play,
 Side by side, each and every day.
 Honor and trust, please give to each other,
 Bonding your lives to one another.
 Respect and honesty, good marriages do share,
Remember to thank the Lord in daily prayer.
 Always be partners, lovers, and friends,
A circle of love that never ends.

The vows that you say on this very day,
 Join you together, as you go on your way.

 A man and a woman will share one life,
 Together always, as husband and wife.
With Love,
 (your name)

                                                                                                                          © 2001 Jan Endres