B-18 Custom Birthday Candles

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Personalized Birthday Candles - Baby Candles

Numbered from 1 to 18 years, this beautifully hand crafted candle features the baby's name and birth date at the bottom.

On each birthday the candle is burned to mark the passage of another year.

907B-B18- BLUE             $34.00

907P-B18- PINK             $34.00

907W-B18-WHITE          $34.00

Burn this countdown candle on each birthday from 1st year until the 18th birthday,
this beautiful handcrafted numbered birthday candle features the child's name and birth date at the bottom of the candle.
A great new baby, first birthday, baptism or christening gift.  Hand poured candle is coated in whipped wax.
15 inches tall in pink, blue or white.  Made in USA. 

We use USPS to ship our candles. 

We take pride in our customer service, please give us a call at 651-437-6800 with any questions, and for all of your baby gift needs.