B21 Birthday Countdown Candle

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Children's Candles - Numbered Candle

Ages 1-21           

Item # 908-B21     $27.00  
Item #908-B21C    $27.00  Contemporary style


Our numbered birthday candle has become a traditional baby gift for many families.

Count the years one by one on each birthday.

On each birthday the candle is burned to mark the celebration of another year.

In pink, blue, or white.

This 15-inch candle is hand poured and coated with whipped wax.

The numbered decal on the front of the candle features pictures of milestones with different pictures.


Ships in 5-7 business days.

We use USPS to ship our candles. 

Call us with questions at 651-437-6800 and for all of your children's birthday candle needs.