Gold Roman Arch Clock

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Glass Clock - Personalized Gifts

Gold Roman Arch Clock  #686-22008             $103.75

7 1/4"H x 3" x 1/2" thick    etch area 3"H x 4 1/4" H   

This Glass Clock Comes in a nice gift box and makes a beautiful recognition award, years of service award.
Free Custom Etching, which includes, Free Logo Etched, Free Personalization, Free Proof and Free Set-ups on Clocks.

Please send us your logo or image in black and white with no grey areas. Preferred images are black and white, however, if you only have a colored image, we can possibly work with it. There may be an extra charge for converting the image to black and white. Send as a jpeg, jpg, ai, pdf or eps.

 If you are uncertain about your logo, please feel free to send it to us at and we will take a look at it for you and let you know if there will be an extra charge to convert your logo.

This desk clock will make a beautiful addition to any desk. 

We use UPS to ship throughout the U.S. and Canada.
We pride ourselves in customer service, so please do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have at 651-437-6800 for all of your clock and award needs.

Personalized Clocks for that Special Gift for a wedding, anniversary or retirement gift. 

Clock Verse #1
Mom and Dad, 

You have given us guidance and direction,
We give to you our love & affection.
A Heartfelt Thank You . . .
With All of Our Love,
Your Names
Your Wedding Date        
© 2003 Jan Endres


  Example of Gift to the Bride & Groom:
  Clock Verse #2:
Bride & Groom's Names

  As You Begin Your New Life Together,
As Man and Wife, now and forever.
Wedding Date
Your Names (Givers)     
© 2003 Jan Endres

Verse 3-11C
  Mom and Dad
Words cannot express how we truly feel,
About all that you have done for us.
While growing up and yet still today,
You are the best parents that ever could be.
And on this our wedding day,
(Wedding Date)
We want to tell you how much we love you!
(Your Names)
                          © 2003 Jan Endres

Verse 3-1C
  ~ Mom and Dad ~
A Very Special Thank You
  comes your way, as we celebrate
  this our wedding day,
  You both are a treasure
and we are so glad
  to have you as parents,
Mom and Dad.
Love Always,
(Your Names)
(Wedding Date)
© 1999 Jan Endres


Verse 1-6C
~ Couple’s Names ~
Take time for caring, 
Take time for sharing,
Take time for comforting,
Take time for trusting,
Take time for loving
. . . each other.
                     © 1999 Jan Endres


  Verse  9-1 C    
  Celebrate life, it’s a gift,
Like the sands . . . it can drift.
Experience every new sunrise
With an open heart and open eyes.
To be alive . . .
Is to see, to hear, to feel,
But touching others’ lives, makes it real.
Enjoy time with family and friends,
A kind of love that never ends.
Enjoy the moon, the stars, the sun,
Make every day a memorable one.
©  Jan Endres


  Verse 9-15 C
The Gift of Time . . .
Is a Gift of Love,
From the Lord Up Above
©  Jan Endres

With each new dawn. . .
comes a second of a chance,
a minute of joy,
an hour of happiness,
a life full of love.
©  Jan Endres

Verse 9-17C  
Your Time on Earth
Will be Remembered
By the Love
You Have Shown
To Others
©1999 Jan Endres
Verse 9-18C
The Hands of Today . . .
Will Show Promise
For Tomorrow,
And Hope
For Eternity.
© Jan Endres


 Verse 7-1A  25th Wedding Anniversary
~ To Couple's Names ~
  Celebrating A Special Love Of 25 Years
Anniversaries are celebrations, oh, yes indeed,
For those special marriages, that do succeed.
For twenty five years, you have shared your lives,
With caring and kindness, keeping romance alive.
A love with a silver lining, you do obtain,
Because love in your hearts, still does remain.
  You both have found a treasure in life,
You are a wonderful couple, husband and wife.
With Love, (Your Names)

© 1999 Jan Endres 


Verse 7-2A Fifty Golden Years

To (Couple's names)
As You Celebrate Fifty Golden Years Of Marital Bliss
Fifty golden years of marital bliss,
A warm embrace, a gentle kiss.
Together you believed, together you prayed,
Together you played, together you stayed.
A love like yours, doesn't happen every day,
You've weathered the seasons, and made your way.
You never knew, how much your love would grow,
When you exchanged wedding bands, fifty years ago.
No amount of silver or gold ever replaces,
The love in your eyes, and the smiles on your faces.
So, hold on tight, to the riches you have found,
A marriage made in heaven, forever bound.
With Love, (your names)
© 1999 Jan Endres

Verse 7-3A Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, (Name)
When we are together, days and months seem to fly,
It’s hard to believe another year has gone by.
Being your partner brings me joy each day,
You fulfill my dreams as we go on our way.
We make a good team, a happy pair.
This one life we live, this one life we share.
(Number of years) years ago when we said I do,
I promised to always love and cherish you.
That promise still stands true today,
For I love you so much, I proudly say.
Happy Anniversary to my special love!
(your name) (anniversary date)
© 2003 Jan Endres

Verse 7-4A
Happy Anniversary Honey
Our years together have been a few,
I can't imagine my life without you.
You make my days and nights complete,
You are so kind and caring, and ever so sweet.
Happiness and joy you have given to me,
Now life is better than I thought that it could be.
Memories together, we certainly have made some,
And the best of our lives is yet to come.
You are my lover, my partner, my best friend,
My love for you honey, will never end.
My life with you has been enjoyable and fun,
Since the two of us. . . became one!
With All My Love, (Your Name)
(Anniversary Date)
© 2005 Jan Endres

Verse 7-5A 
Happy Anniversary, (Name)
A love like ours doesn't happen every day,
The love that is in my heart is here to stay.
Each day I give to you all that I can,
You are a wonderful person, I am your biggest fan.
The touch of your hand, the smile on your face,
A tender kiss, a gentle embrace.
Together we have believed, together we have prayed,
Together we have played, together we have stayed.
We have weathered the seasons, and made our way,
And a happy marriage we enjoy, each and every day.
You are my partner, my lover, my best friend,
My love for you darling, will never end.
With All My Love,
(Your Name) (Date)
©2005 Jan Endres


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