Verses From The Heart by Jan Endres

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Verses From the Heart

Personalized Verses, Personalized Poems for Weddings - Poems for Special Occasions

Listed below are the copyrighted verses that can be etched into glass or crystal.

We offer wedding verses for: couples, each other, parents, friends, children, maid of honor, Flower Girl, Best Man, Ring Bearer, My (Our) Daughter and Son, Dad, Mom, Grandma's, Sister, Dad on Father's Day, 25th Wedding Anniversary, 50th Wedding Anniversary, Anniversary. Celebrate Life, As Friends, Enjoy Today, Fun Verses, Retirement Verse, To be Forty Verse, Sixteen Verse, Birthday, Children's Verses, Adopted Child, Remembrance Verses, and Day Care Provider.

Find a verse of your choice. Simply take the verse number and type it in the text box of your gift of choice.

It is that simple!

Wedding Verses For Bride & Groom

Wedding Verses For Your New Spouse

Wedding Verses For Parents

Personalized Verses for Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl

Personalized Verses for Best Man, Ring bearer

Personalized Verses for Family Members

Personalized Anniversary Verses

Personalized Verses for Children

Personalized Verses - Occasional

Personalized Remembrance Verses

Personalized Verses for Cancer Survivors

Personalized Verses for Clocks